SEcurity solutions

Manned Guarding

Security is all about staying ‘a step ahead’

We offer a wide array of ‘Security Solutions’ across the country. We have constantly kept ourselves abreast of the latest training and operational methodologies and practices.

Our robust recruitment, training and QMS processes ensure the highest quality of workforce, which is fully committed to deliver under the most challenging and adverse conditions. 

Jaguar truly believes in partnering with its clients. We firmly believe that for providing a strong and effective security solution we must work closely with our clients, not only as a service provider but also as a business partner. We understand that the interest of our client is most important and must be safeguarded at all costs.  We believe that our client’s interest comes first – always and every time. 

Manned Guarding

Corporate Security

Jaguar provides complete ‘Corporate Security Solutions’, so that you can concentrate on your core businesses

Jaguar aims to build a security function fully integrated and aligned to business, with the aim to add value. The current security environment demands a cohesive, business aligned security strategy with a transparent security structure, policies and processes. Jaguar uses a risk-based methodology to deliver effective and appropriate security solutions that integrate through both technology and process. 

We provide security solutions which are not only reliable but cost effective too. Few simple and practical steps that help us contain costs while designing security solutions are :

  • Engage security solutions during the project stage.
  • Design and implement a security program which encourages optimum use of manpower.
  • Use of technology to reduce manpower costs.
  • Well defined processes and standard operating procedures, leading to minimised business disruption.
  • Value ads provided through in-house resources and through our strategic security partners – this ensures all security and safety related solutions are provided under one roof through trusted and reliable business partners.

Manned Guarding

Industrial Security

Jaguar optimises resources to implement various security controls based on Threat, Risk and Vulnerability Assessment

We ensure appropriate security measures to be put in place to meet the overall security requirements, protect assets and respond to any security breach or incident. These include incorporating elements of protection, detection and response (including recovery) to industrial security breaches, into the security orders and plans of clients. 

Our sound, effective and reliable security program ensures a safe working environment to business and employees. This ensures greater commitment, loyalty and dedication amongst the work force, leading to increased productivity. We see security as a ‘Business Enabler’ and not as a ‘Cost Centre’.

Manned Guarding

Counter Surveillance Teams

Our well trained CST provide special intelligence to prevent terror and other threats related to the facility protected

The team provides another ring of protection, working under cover and gathering intelligence. This proactive security method provides time and creates the space for a controlled response and preventive tactics. The team members are trained to blend into the environment, profile suspects, incidents and unusual events. 

Manned Guarding

Quick Response Teams

Jaguar has the capability to put in place well trained Quick Response Teams to rapidly tackle emerging security threats

Our QRT is a tactical force that provides an immediate professional response to a variety of threats and high risk incidents. The team has the ability to act in extreme situations especially terror and Mass Casualty Incidents, assist with controlled evacuation and provide medical support.

Manned Guarding

Women/Employee Safety

Jaguar undertakes programs and processes that will ensure safety of employees, more so women employees

Jaguar has the in house capability to run specialised women empowerment and UAC modules for women. With a major presence in all metros, Jaguar has the in house capability in providing security escorts to travelling women employees Pan India as also overseas (in conjunction with our partners).