SEcurity solutions

Business Security

Jaguar endeavours staying ‘a step ahead’ of the loop by providing cutting edge solutions to the Indian market. Jaguar offers a wide range of products to suit your needs and security requirements.

Jaguar brings together the latest technology and expertly trained manpower to deliver innovative security solutions for a variety of clients. We have established robust partnerships with international security technology providers and have brought in technological advancements in the field of business security and secure transportation of cargo.

We have the capability to provide complete solutions to all your security requirements, so that you can concentrate on your core business.

Business Security

Control Room Management

Jaguar the capability to put in place and manage sophisticated and state of the art Control Rooms

The Control Room/Command Centre is the rendezvous point for the Crisis Management Team during a Crisis and the nerve centre for all security communications during routine operations.

Our Control Room Team provides the ability and the deep understanding in operating command centres and control rooms with several electronic means of surveillance. Our operators are trained in controlling the CMS (Central Monitoring Systems) under pre-laid down SOPs, relaying the information operatively to the forces on ground, reporting to the officers in charge and notifying the public. The operators are trained in multiple scenario SA (situational awareness) and complex decision-making skills.

Business Security

Crisis Management

Jaguar has created a network of support infrastructure Pan India to support any crisis situation

Jaguar can expertly handle situations and support clients during natural disasters or situational crisis involving employees in work areas, on travel or on vacation. Jaguar works closely with the civil administration, Police, Armed Forces and private players to build a formidable network, which an provide quantifiable support during any crisis situation. Key Jaguar strengths for a reliable and effective BCP during times of crisis include:

  • Provide additional manpower as necessary.
  • Relocate senior Jaguar management on-site for assistance
  • Seamlessly enhance security posture at all effected locations.
  • Provide crisis response as necessary to effectively deal and mitigate risks.
  • Conduct surveillance and provide timely information of strategic importance during a crisis.
  • Strong connectivity with local police and government officials
  • Excellent connectivity with aid and rescue agencies, including Indian Army
  • Excellent connectivity with all security forums and corporate advisory groups.
  • Hands on experience in handling crisis at all levels in Jaguar.
  • Coordinate with necessary stakeholders (internal and external) to assist in business continuity

Business Security

Offsite Mail Screening

Jaguar runs the only private offsite mail-screening centre in the country

This offsite centre screens all mail, couriers, packages etc before they enter the client sites. Items are security cleared at the offsite centre for explosives, chemicals, biohazards, anthrax etc.

Business Security

Cargo Transport Security

Jaguar was amongst the first to offer electronically secured cargo transportation services in the country.

Cargo theft and pilferage has emerged as one of the top vulnerabilities in supply chain security. Jaguar has tied up with global leaders in the field of electronic sealing and cargo tracking to ensure safety of your goods as it is transported from your warehouse to port and vice versa. Jaguar’s ESCT solutions offers you full visibility and security.

Business Security

Baggage Screening

Our screeners specialise in operating x-ray machines for baggage checks, UVSS (under vehicle scanning systems), DFMED and HHMD (door frame metal detectors and hand held metal detectors). The Screener has the technical ability to expose and detect irregularities while profiling the object's owner and the situation. The screener also has the operational understanding to trigger different post exposure action with the security team according to the policy and the situation.

Business Security

Explosive Detection Capability

Jaguar has one of the best explosive detection canine teams in the country

Jaguar has developed the capability in partnership with MSA (USA) to provide top of the line canine explosive detection capability. In addition, Jaguar along with MSA (USA) have related services to assist in the detection and identification of explosives, weapons and contraband with its proprietary product SmartTech™.