SEcurity solutions


No matter how complex the event, Jaguar has the expertise to provide foolproof security for high profile events

We understand that corporates today need to put up large scale and high profiles events from time to time, which are attended by a global community and require complex security arrangements. We have the wherewithal to plan and put together robust proactive teams and contingency plans to tackle emergencies and ensure foolproof security of your dignitaries and employees.



Executive Protection

Jaguar in conjunction with its partners has one of the most robust executive protection programs in the country

In an often complex, unpredictable and volatile work atmosphere, providing personal protection to business leaders is of paramount importance. Jaguar uses its team of highly trained professionals to plan, prepare, liaise locally, deter and tackle threats to its clients. This service enhances business productivity of our clients by providing peace of mind, a sense of security and ensuring that their daily schedule is executed in a smooth and efficient manner. 


Transport & Escort Security

Jaguar has well developed processes to ensure security of personnel by managing transportation and associated risks

Our personnel are specially trained to provide transport escort and react in emergency situations ensuring safety of employees/guests while in transit. Our Team specialises in assessing risks and vulnerabilities associated in transporting employees/guests as well as efficient fleet management and traffic control. Besides vehicle, convoy and route monitoring, we provide door to door escort for women employees, ensuring their safety at all times.